Storage Stool - Beat Hide Man

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Storage Stool - Beat Hide Man

Diseñada por Lucia Otero

Storage stool
White color
Black seat
€ 44.00 (Incl. Tax)

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Additional Information
Full dimensions 36*36*50
Net weight 3.15
Box size 38*38*53
Gross weight 4.3
Designed by: Lucia Otero
The first time I saw the Beat Hide stool, an idea came to me in a flash: “What’s a stool for? It’s for sitting, right? Okay, so why not create a silhouette image of a person sitting on one?” That’s how the project began.
That same weekend I went out with my friends, as I wanted to make the most of the end of summer. While we were sitting there laughing in my favourite bar, I was surprised to notice that I was particularly looking at people sitting on stools. Have you noticed that? When we sit on stools, we can clearly see the position of each person: who’s paying attention, who’s indifferent, who’s scoring, etc, so pay more attention from now on, because body language says a lot.
The next day, I started working to perfect the design. At first I thought about colours. A little later I came back to the original idea of the silhouette. I gave up on colours and opted for black, then did some tests until I was convinced by the result... et voilà, I decided to call it “Silhouette”.
It’s a simple name that reflects the idea. I like it!

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